COMING SOON . . . . .

We are looking to go live with our ON-LINE Party Booking System at the Beginning of Novemberer 2014. This will allow parents the freedom to go through the available party dates and times at their own convenience AND make a guaranteed booking if the party time is available.


ONLY £2.00 per Toddler
The Toddler Age Group is 1yr Old, 2yr Old and 3yr Old Children.

Entry upto 11:00am.
Includes a drink and a Biscuit for the toddler AND a Coffee / Pot of Tea for the accompanying Parent or Guardian.


Terms and Conditions are on POSTERS around the centre.

Hot drinks or Visits -  Buy 9 and get the 10th FREE
Pick up a card the next time that you arrive! Every time you visit or buy a hot drink, get a stamp on your card. When the card is full -  get your FREE one and start again.
Terms and Conditions are detailed on POSTER around the centre.

Tel : 01926 409007